Manoa and Makiki Hills

The best part about living in Manoa is the beautiful greenness of the area and the nice easy hikes that run up and down the ridges that line the valley. The first picture really isn’t a hike but it’s a nice walk!

Spalding House - Contemporary Art Museum
Spalding House – Contemporary Art Museum

A little ways up Tantalus is Spalding House which is the former Contemporary Art Museum. Family Sunday is the first Sunday of the month and there’s free admission. The gardens behind the museum are beautiful and worth checking out, but remember to use the complementary bug spray located at the front desk. I didn’t and ended up looking like I had chicken pox on my ankles for the next week or so. 

Bridge at Manoa Falls
Bridge at Manoa Falls

One of my favorite trail runs to do is Manoa Falls because it’s practically the only trail besides Diamond Head that is really well maintained. I’m always pleasantly surprised at the new gravel that seems to inch its way up the trail and cover more area every time I come home. The only drawback from this being a well maintained trail is that it’s constantly crowded with tourists who are carted up here with their walking sticks by the van-load. For best running and maximum hiking enjoyment, get here by 8 AM and park on Manoa Road (before it narrows, don’t be one of those people) to avoid the $5 parking fee.

Near the top of Pu'u Pia
Near the top of Pu’u Pia

This last hike is also in Manoa hidden within the residential area. It’s beautifully secluded and only a mile or so long. Pretty much the perfect hike for an afternoon. Look it up on Yelp because there’s probably better directions there than ones I can give. 

View from the top of Pu'u Pia
View from the top of Pu’u Pia

Oahu Hikes: Water Edition

Here’s another post from this past summer. Yelp has pretty good directions to all these places so I’d suggest looking there if you want to go.

The first hike takes you to the cliffs above Makapu’u starting from the hill across the street from the parking lot of the scenic viewpoint after the hiking trail.

Manoa Falls is at the way back of Manoa. I’d suggest parking in the neighborhood outside and walking in to prevent paying a $5 parking fee. (That is not my dog)

Last one is in Nu’uanu off of one of the last exits to the Pali (I forget which one). If you look closely at the bushes on the side of the road. there’s a shortcut so you can avoid walking down the trail all together.

Makapu'u Puka
Makapu’u Puka
Manoa Falls
Manoa Falls
Jack Ass Ginger
Jack Ass Ginger