London Day 6 – Day Trip

On Friday we took a day trip out west to see a few famous landmarks outside of London. We visited Winsdor Castle, the Roman Baths, and Stonehenge with a tour. These places were pretty far apart so most of the day was spent riding in a bus.

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle

We started off the morning at Windsor Castle which was about a 45 minute drive outside of London. Because it’s the residence of the queen, the only areas open are the estate rooms, doll house, painting gallery, and the church. The rooms were ornately decorated like how you’d expect a castle to be but apparently it was originally built more for defense than for luxury living. We didn’t have much time here so we just saw the estate rooms and left.

The Roman Baths and Bath Abbey
The Roman Baths and Bath Abbey

After we drove about two hours to Bath. The city was really lovely and I kind of regretted not going by myself earlier since it’s not too far from Oxford. All the buildings are historic and crafted out of limestone (I think) so the entire town has this sort of ancient feel to it. We spent all our time at the Roman Baths Museum and it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. The audio guide also had an additional Bill Bryson commentary track which I listened to instead of the regular one. Over the past few weeks, he has become one of my favorite authors and I’m currently trying to read through most of his books. If you visit be sure to try the water at the end!


Our last stop before heading back to London was the mysterious Stonehenge. It was pretty interesting to see it in person and up close because it really makes you wonder why and how it was built. The historians think it’s part of some type of burial ground but it must’ve taken some kind of massive effort to complete it. This place was also really nice because of the fact that it wasn’t suffocatingly swarming with people. The open areas surrounding it made Stonehenge a really nice place to visit.


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