London Day 3 – All Around Town

We got the London Pass so we decided to make the most of it and visit everything on the east side of London. We visited the Globe, hiked the Monument, saw the crown jewels at the Tower of London, went up Tower Bridge, then headed to the Transport Museum and the first Hard Rock Cafe. 

Shakespeare's Globe
Shakespeare’s Globe

We started off the morning at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater that was recently rebuilt. It was pretty cool to see a giant replica of an old style building that even had a thatched roof with sprinklers on it. There was also a exhibition inside that showed the process of making the Globe along with the costumes and set pieces the actors use.

View from The Monument
View from The Monument

After, we walked over to St. Paul’s Cathedral and then to the Monument that was created to commemorate the fire of 1666. We took the 300+ steps to the top and got a great view!

Commemorative poppies at the Tower of London
Commemorative poppies at the Tower of London

From the Monument we walked over to Tower Bridge where there is currently a display of poppies commemorating the centennial of the Great War. Inside we saw the crown jewels and other relics from medieval times. 

Scones at Patisserie Valerie
Scones at Patisserie Valerie

From the Tower of London, we took the tube to Covent Garden and went to the London Transport Museum that had a bunch of old buses and original subway cars. It was pretty neat to see how much transport around London has changed. After we went to Patisserie Valerie for scones and tea and they were the best scones I’ve had yet! 

We also went to the first Hard Rock Cafe and went down to the vault that had a collection of items from Queen, Jimi Hendrix, and the Beatles. One of the most interesting pieces was the letters signed by the four dividing their stocks after the break up. 


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